1. Overview

In Sight Words Pathways, children will read their way along a path of word cards, reading each word successfully in order to take a step forward. The goal of the Pathways game is to encourage children to read sight words quickly, while also building their confidence through repetition and using movement to help them burn some energy.
Image: Sight Words Pathways
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2. Materials

All this game requires is masking tape and some sight words cards. For cards, you can use a set of flash cards, either the full-page or half-page size. Use masking tape (or painter’s tape) to secure the cards to the floor, to prevent children from slipping and falling. ↑ Top

3. Activity

Video: How to Play Sight Words Pathways
Arrange the cards, face up, to make a “path” on the floor. They should be close enough together that a child can easily step from one to the next. Don’t make it a straight line – be creative! The more it twists and turns around the classroom or throughout the house, over chairs and under tables, the more fun it will be for the children. Don’t forget to tape the cards down so children don’t slip and fall. A child stands at the beginning of the path and reads the word on the first card out loud. If she cannot read the word correctly in one second, go through our sight words correction procedure to review and reinforce the correct pronunciation. Once she has correctly read the first word, she can step on that card. Then she will repeat the procedure with the next word card, and the next, etc., until she reaches the end of the path. Then it is the next child’s turn (if playing with more than one child). As the children get the hang of the game, encourage them to read and walk the path more and more quickly. ↑ Top

4. Variations

You can scale the difficulty level of the game by using an easier or more difficult set of words, and also by changing the number of cards in the path. Make the path more interesting by having it meander all over the classroom, house, or yard. Make the game more physically challenging by placing the cards farther apart, so children have to hop or jump from one to the next. If you do this, remember to tape the cards down first! ↑ Top

5. Assessment

As you observe this game, make note of how long it takes children to read the words. Are several children getting slowed down by one or two words? If so, give these words extra attention in your next lesson. Also look out for individual children who move slowly throughout the path. ↑ Top

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