Workshop at Wildwood Baptist Preschool

So, what did you do over the summer vacation? Go to the lake? Visit family? Relax on the couch?

I’ve been busy helping preschool teachers get ready for the new school year! Donna House and I spent two days this week at Wildwood Baptist Church Preschool in Acworth, Georgia, leading a workshop on Phonemic Awareness. We explained what Phonemic Awareness is, why it is crucially important for learning to read, and how they can teach it to their students.

Preschool teachers gather at Wildwood Baptist Preschool in Acworth, Georgia,
to learn about the importance of phonemic awareness for child literacy.

We also got to show off our new Phonemic Awareness Curriculum and resources! Even though all the materials on our site are free, we gave each attendee a full set of printables as a bonus for coming to the workshop. We spent part of our time going through all the games and activities and even playing some to see exactly how they work.

This workshop was special because we even had a “guinea pig” to test our games on! Ruby, the three-year-old daughter of one of the teachers, came to the second day of our workshop and had a great time playing some of our games.

Ruby demonstrates how to play Word Count.
“I was somewhat intimidated about this, but this workshop calmed my fears and I feel ready to incorporate it into my classroom.”
Diane Snyder (center) and her colleagues try out the Rhyme Memory Game. Diane is a master
at this game — she even starred in our Rhyme Memory demonstration video!

The preschool director at Wildwood Baptist is Diane Snyder, who is also on the board of the Georgia Preschool Association. GPA is sponsoring the development of our Phonemic Awareness curriculum, and it’s wonderful to see GPA’s leaders so eager to implement the program in their own schools!

Betsy Primm leads an information-packed workshop on using’s resources
to add Phonemic Awareness to your preschool curriculum.

Are you interested in adding Phonemic Awareness to your preschool curriculum, but you’re not sure how? Email us and ask how we can help!

“Everything you are doing is spot on, and my Kindergarteners are thriving after they have phonemic training.”

Betsy Primm and Donna House are the beloved Content Consultants for as well as the New Training Initiatives Co-Chairs for the Georgia Preschool Association.

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  1. Jackie Merlino

    Will there be another seminar this summer that covers this in depth? I would love to attend. Our students will be starting back to school on July 29, 2016.


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