New Sight Word Games!

We have been hard at word this spring to bring you some new sight word games to play with your child! With these additions to the collection of games, you should be able to find multiple games that your … Continued

Sharing the Good News of Phonological/Phonemic Awareness!

It’s that time again…the beginning of a new school year! With virtually all of the Atlanta schools starting up sometime in August, we at have been busy presenting our new Phonological/Phonemic Awareness curriculum at conferences and workshops for preschool … Continued

Phonemic and Phonological Awareness Release Update

We will be releasing the first 20 of our phonemic and phonological awareness modules next week. These 20 modules are part of a full curriculum of approximately 100 lessons that we will release over the coming months. The curriculum The … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! As we head into 2015, I am excited to share with you some of our release milestones for In my hometown, Sydney, the New Year’s fireworks are a big deal. Every year it gets more and … Continued

Kindergartener vs. Sight Words Homework

What happens when you send a child to school already reading Here is a funny video of what happens when you teach your kindergartener to read. Young Chad starts with reading his Sight Words then goes on to read the … Continued

Our Challenge to You

In our first post, we discussed our mission at and what you can expect from us. In our second post, we want to discuss what we expect from you. Turn Up. The most important thing you can do is … Continued

First Post: Our Mission was founded to promote early child literacy by equipping teachers, parents, and caregivers with the best techniques and resources to help children learn to read. We want to make teaching a child to read easy, effective, and engaging. Here … Continued