1. Overview

“Number Line Addition” teaches your child how to add with abstract numerals using a number line as a guide. This prepares your child for adding without visual aides.

Add the numbers!
“Add the numbers!”
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2. Materials

  • Sight Words Number Line
  • One chip or other place marker
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    3. Activity

    Print out the “Sight Words Number Line”. Arrange the four sheets horizontally next to each other in order and tape them in place. Place it in front of your child and give her a chip. Have her place the chip on the number that you are adding from.

    Adult: Place the chip on eight.
    Child: [Places chip on eight]
    Adult: Now count seven more from eight and place your chip on that number.
    Child: Nine…Ten…Eleven…Twelve…Thirteen…Fourteen…Fifteen [Puts chip on fifteen]
    Adult: Good job! Eight plus seven equals fifteen! Now you say it.
    Child: Eight plus seven equals fifteen!

    Start by adding one, and then two, then three, and so on. This activity takes several months to master. Make sure your child has a thorough understanding of numerals before attempting this activity.

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    4. Confidence Builder

    To make the activity easier, guide your child’s hand as she completes the exercise. Have her watch you do the activity with several different examples before attempting it alone. If your child still finds the activity difficult, review some of the numeral recognition games and mental counting games before you attempt this activity again.

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    5. Extension

    Once your child masters the basic game, don’t tell your child where to place the chip. Simply call out “8+7” and have her tell you the answer using the chips and number line. Practice mental math by asking her to answer “1+1”, “2+1”, “3+1”, etc. without using the number line or marker. If your child can easily add 1 without the use of the number line, move up to adding 2, and so on.

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    6. Download

    To download an image, right-click and select Save As.

    The Sight Words Number Line is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Essentially, this means you can do whatever you want with the resources, provided you leave the attribution hallmark on the resources. You may use these materials in the classroom, at home, as part of a for-profit tutoring business, or for any other purpose. (Except starting forest fires. That’s bad.) You do not need to contact us for permission to use the materials. We want you to use them!

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