1. Overview

“Connect the Dots” teaches your child the sequence of numbers and practices counting. This activity has three different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. See the Math Curriculum page for guidance on when to complete each level.

Count the images on the wall.
“Connect the dots!”
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2. Materials

  • Sight Words Connect the Dots Sheet
  • Pencil, Crayon, Colored Pencil, or Pen
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    3. Activity

    Starting at one, have your child connect the dots in numerical order to draw a picture. Make sure your child says each number out loud as he gets to them.

    Adult: Let’s start at “one”. Point to and say “one”.
    Child: One! [Points to one]
    Adult: Now draw a line to ‘two’ and say “two”.
    Child: Two! [Draws a line to two]
    Adult: Now draw a line to “three” and say “three”.
    Child: Three! [Draws a line to three]

    Adult: Now draw a line to “thirty” and say “thirty”
    Child: Thirty! [Draws a line to thirty]

    Once your child has completed the drawing, point out a few numbers for your child to identify.

    Adult: What number is this? [Points to 21]
    Child: Twenty-one.
    Adult: Good job!
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    4. Questions and Answers

    Q: What if my child cannot hold a pencil?
    A: Ask your child to point out the next number for you and draw the connecting lines accordingly. The point of this activity isn’t developing writing skills but is about counting and recognizing numerals.

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