1. Overview

“Matching” develops fundamental grouping and numeral recognition skills as your child connects numerals with groups of objects.

Match the dots with the number.
“How many checkers are there?
Point to the number for how many checkers you have!”
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2. Materials

  • Sight Words Number Matching Sheets (Note: they are the same sheets used for Number Slap)
  • Pennies, erasers, carrots, or any other object that you have 10 of

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    3. Activity

    Assemble the objects into different groups: a group with 1 eraser, a group with 2 pencils… a group with 10 pennies. Have your child match the Sightwords Number Matching sheets with the different stacks of objects depending on how many objects are in the pile.

    Adult: Count the erasers
    Child: One! [Touches first eraser]
                Two! [Touches second eraser]
                Three! [Touches third eraser]
    Adult: Good. Which number is 3.
    Child: [Touches number 3]
    Adult: Good job! Now place the erasers on top of the number 3
    Child: [Moves 3 erasers onto the number 3]

    If your child matches the wrong number with a stack of objects, then have your child re-count the objects.

    Child: [Matches 2 pencils with the number 8] Four!
    Adult: Oh no! Let’s try again.
                Count the objects again.

    Child: One. [Touches first pencil]
                Two. [Touches second pencil]
    Adult: Yes, 2. Now match 2 with the correct numeral.
    Child: Two. [Moves 2 pencils onto the number 2]
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    4. Download

    To download a template, right-click and select Save As.

    The Sight Words Number Matching Sheets are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Basically, you are permitted complete license to use the resources, provided you leave the attribution hallmark (our logo) on the resources. We would be happy to see the materials used in the classroom, in the home, as part of your tutoring business, or however you see fit. You do not need to contact us for permission to use the materials. We want you to use them!

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    1. Bhawna

      I am a teacher….I loved all the teaching stuff and videos

    2. Monique Rolle

      I have a question not a comment. Do you recommend laminating your sheets?

      ADMIN – Hi Monique,

      Some of my colleagues laminate the entire set over the summer, that way they hold up a little better to the kids handling them.

      I don’t laminate mine – I just print them on cardstock. If they get old and ratty, then I just print out a new one.

    3. Laura Cyborski

      Where can I get the numbers with the blue dots? The picture is featured on the MC 5 Matching page.

      Thank you!


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