1. Overview

“Guess a Number” practices number sequencing and mental counting. It teaches more abstract thinking as a child has no visual aid to guide them. This is a great game to play in the car, in line at the grocery store, at dinner, etc.

Guess a number!
“Guess a number!”
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2. Materials

This game requires no materials. All you need is some free time and the willingness to play.

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3. Activity

Video: Guess a number!

Tell your child that you’re thinking of a number between 1 and 100.

Adult: What number am I thinking of?
Child: Forty-six!
Adult: That number is too small!
Child: Sixty!
Adult: That number is too big!
Child: Seventy!
Adult: Oh no! Seventy is larger than sixty. Say a number less than sixty!
Child: Fifty!
Adult: The number I am thinking of is one greater than 50!
Child: Fifty-one!
Adult: Good job!

Whenever your child calls a number that is one or two off from the number you are thinking of, then tell her exactly how far off she is. This builds basic addition and subtraction skills. The goal of this exercise is to build abstract thinking abilities, so try to complete the activity without any visual aids.

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4. Confidence Builder

If your child needs help guessing the correct number, let her look at a number line when guessing. The number line serves as a visual aid that helps your child understand the clues you give her. However, do not let your child become too dependent on the number line. Play one game with the number line and then remove the number line and play the game again. Do not play with the number line several times in a row.

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5. Extensions

Once your child has mastered the basic game, tell your child how many numbers away her guess was when she guesses a number within 10 from the number you are thinking of.

Adult: What number am I thinking of? [Thinking of 54]
Child: Sixty!
Adult: That’s six away from the number I am thinking of!
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