1. Overview

“I Spy” practices recognizing numerals from 1 to 30. It also practices picking out numerals from surrounding distractions such as letters, buildings, trees, etc.

Find the numbers!
“Find the numbers!”
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2. Materials

Sight Words “I Spy” Sheets

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3. Activity

Video: Find the numbers!

Print out a Sight Words “I Spy” Sheet. Call out numbers for your child to find.

Adult: I spy twenty-four. Point to where twenty-four is.
Child: [Points to twenty-four]

Continue calling out a few numbers until your child can quickly locate the right number. Then ask harder questions such as “I spy the number after twenty-five”. If your child points incorrectly, give him one more try before pointing to the correct answer. Remember to go back and try that number again before you finish playing. Once you finish going through all the numbers on one of the “I Spy” sheets, print out a different one to expose your child to more numbers.

You can also play the game walking down the street, in your house, at the bus station, and many more places by asking your child to find numbers on a neighbor’s mailbox, a microwave, bus ticket, etc. There are several numbers to “spy” around you.

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