1. Overview

“Number Sorting” practices number sequencing and numeral recognition. Children will learn to instantly recognize which number is larger or smaller and sort accordingly.

Sort the numbers!
“Sort the numbers!”
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2. Materials

  • Sticky notes, strips of paper, or note cards
  • Sharpie, pen, pencil, crayon, or other writing tool
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    3. Activity

    Video: Play Number Hopscotch!

    Write ten numbers in order on ten sticky notes. You can start at any number, but remember to write ten of them in order. For example, if your start at 7, then write 8, 9, 10, 11… 16 on separate sticky notes. Shuffle the sticky notes and place them in front of your child.

    Tell your child to stick the numbers on the wall in order. If your child sticks one out of order, stop and ask her to try again.

    Adult: Take these numbers and stick them on the wall in order!
    Child: [Sticks 12 before 7]
    Adult: Which do you count first: seven or twelve?
    Child: Twelve!
    Adult: Count in order from one.
    Child: One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…Seven! Oh seven comes first!
    Adult: Good job! Now switch their order.

    Play the game using a different set of numbers each time.

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    4. Confidence Builder

    To make the game easier, place a number line or number board in front of your child so she can use it as a visual guide when sorting. Once she builds confidence, take away the number line and only allow her to use it when she messes up more than four times. You want to avoid having your child develop a dependency on the number board.

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    5. Extensions

    Once your child masters the basic game, write the numbers out of order (example: 7, 10, 21, 3, 1, etc.). Shuffle the numbers and have your child sort them in order. This tests whether your child can sort numbers that are far apart on the number line.

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