The Musical Stars card creator lets you create a custom set of number star cards to use in the Musical Stars game. For a demonstration and instructions on using the Musical Stars Card Creator, see below.

Number Sets

Custom Numbers


The Musical Stars Creator creates a custom set of numbered stars. You can use one of the existing number sets and/or use your own custom list of numbers. To create your Musical Stars:

  1. Under Number Sets, check the boxes corresponding to any number sets you want included in your set of fly cards. For example, selecting the Number Set “1 – 10” creates stars with the numbers 1 through 10.
  2. Under Custom Numbers, enter in any numbers you want added to the set of Musical Stars. For example, if you are practicing teaching your child the year, you might want to add 2015.
  3. Click Create Musical Stars, and your Musical Stars will be created and displayed onscreen in PDF format. You can print the cards by selecting print from your browser window.

Watch the following tutorial video (of a very similar activity) for further instructions on how to generate materials.

Video: Making Sight Words Fly Cards

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