If the child completes Activities B6 through B9 successfully, skip Activity B10 and move ahead to the next module. See Fast Track for more details.

1. Overview

Play the classic game of I Spy, looking for an item in the room that rhymes with the clue you provide.
i spy a rhyme
B10: I Spy…A Rhyme
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2. Activity & Materials

Video: How to play I Spy…A Rhyme
Explain to your child that there are rhyming things all around you. Then say that you will give her a clue, and she needs to find the object in the room that rhymes with the clue word. The clue should be a one-syllable word.
Adult: I spy, with my little eye…something that rhymes with bear. Child: [looking around] …I don’t know. Adult: Well, what are you sitting on? Child: A chair? Adult: Yes, a chair. Does that rhyme with bear? Say the two words together. Child: Bear…chair. Adult: Do they rhyme? Child: Yes! Adult: Yes, chair rhymes with bear.
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3. Confidence Builder

If a child struggles to find something that rhymes with your clue, narrow her search to a smaller area:
Adult: I spy, with my little eye…something that rhymes with hook. Child: [looking around] …I don’t know. Adult: Look at the table. Do you see something on the table that rhymes with hook? Child: A book!
A few more tips for a child who struggles with this activity:
  • If you feel your child is just being careless, try the item again.
  • If your child isn’t getting the concept, back up one or two lessons.
  • If the child is simply unable to rhyme, that’s okay. Skip ahead to the Sentences and Words module. Return to the Rhyming module later and try this activity again.
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4. Extension

Pick an item already in the room as your clue word: “I spy, with my little eye…something that rhymes with chair.” Then challenge your child to find another item in the room that rhymes. ↑ Top

5. Variation

You can use pictures in storybooks and have the child find the item in the picture that rhymes with the “I Spy” word you give. This activity can also be played outside the home or classroom. It makes a great car game! ↑ Top

6. Small Groups (2-5 children)

Lesson Objective: Children will be able to find something in the classroom that rhymes with the provided clue. GELDS (Georgia Early Learning & Development Standards): CLL6.4a Georgia Standards of Excellence: ELAGSEKRF2.a Common Core State Standards: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.2.A Additional Materials:
  • optional: magnifying glass, paper towel tube, or binoculars
Adaptation: Read the main activity, watch the video, and follow the instructions above, with the following changes: Use any of the materials above to encourage the children to hunt for the item that rhymes with the clue given. If those items are not available, make pretend binoculars as shown in the video. Reinforcement:
  • Let the children take turns giving the clues to their classmates.
  • Take the class outside to “hunt” for rhymes.
Use this Reinforcement at Home form to tell parents and guardians how they can reinforce lessons outside the classroom. ↑ Top

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