Count down the days until Christmas with an Advent calendar filled with Christmassy sight words! Just cut out the Santa (and his beard!) on the first page, and tape it over the Santa on the second page. Put the tape only at the top.

Starting on December 1st, cut off the tip of Santa’s beard to reveal a new Christmas-themed sight word underneath. Your child will get to focus on a new word each day, increasing their vocabulary while anticipating the joy of Christmas!

  • Advent Calendar with sacred words
    gift, God, Jesus, Wise Men, star, joy, holy, angel, night, baby, manger, Joseph, shepherd, goodwill, Mary, candle, tree, family, holiday, dinner, bells, Gospel, merry, Christmas
  • Advent Calendar with secular words
    gift, joy, Santa, jingle, bells, toys, tree, elf, stocking, dinner, sleigh, snow, chimney, family, ornament, wreath, jolly, candle, holiday, star, night, goodwill, merry, Christmas

To download and save a calendar, right-click and select Save As.

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