Candy Grab is a holiday-themed variation on our popular game, Sight Words Fly Swat. Spread out the “candies” and call out a word, and your child has to find the candy with that word.

For more thorough instructions, see our main Sight Words Fly Swat page.

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Printable Candy Grab Cards

Below are two different sets of Candy Grab cards. Each set contains 48 cards with 48 different words. Select one, print out and cut apart the cards, and start playing!

  • Candy Grab Cards, sacred words
    gift, God, Jesus, Wise Men, star, joy, holy, angel, night, baby, Christmas, manger, Joseph, shepherd, Noel, goodwill, Mary, candle, tree, family, bells, merry, Gospel, snow, ornament, wreath, jolly, holiday, candy cane, carols, church, decorate, December, eve, evergreen, winter, feast, dinner, green, red, holly, present, nativity, frankincense, tinsel, turkey, myrrh, gold
  • Candy Grab Cards, secular words
    gift, merry, joy, Santa, toys, tree, elf, bells, stocking, Christmas, naughty, nice, sleigh, snow, chimney, family, ornament, wreath, jolly, candle, star, night, goodwill, holiday, candy cane, carols, decorate, cider, December, eve, evergreen, frosty, winter, feast, dinner, green, red, holly, lights, North Pole, reindeer, season, greetings, present, tinsel, turkey, wrapping, Rudolph

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