Santa’s Snakes & Ladders is a Christmassy sight words version of the classic board game Chutes & Ladders. For more thorough instructions, see our main Sight Words Snakes & Ladders page.

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Printable Santa’s Snakes & Ladders Boards

Below are two different versions of our Santa’s Snakes & Ladders game board. Each board has 62 different Christmas words. Select one and print out the pages (we recommend printing onto card-stock paper). Then trim off the edges, tape the pages together, and start playing!

  • Snakes & Ladders board, sacred words
    gift, God, Jesus, Wise Men, star, joy, holy, angel, night, baby, Christmas, manger, Joseph, shepherd, Noel, goodwill, Mary, candle, tree, family, bells, merry, cards, Hallelujah, census, Advent, Luke, Gospel, snowman, Matthew, ornament, wreath, jolly, holiday, candy cane, carols, church, celebrate, decorate, cider, December, eve, evergreen, winter, feast, dinner, green, red, holly, lights, stable, party, season, present, nativity, frankincense, tinsel, turkey, myrrh, vacation, wrapping, gold
  • Snakes & Ladders board, secular words
    gift, merry, joy, Santa, cards, toys, tree, elf, bells, stocking, Christmas, naughty, nice, sleigh, snowman, chimney, family, ornament, wreath, jolly, candle, star, night, goodwill, holiday, candy cane, carols, celebrate, decorate, cider, coal, December, eve, evergreen, mistletoe, frosty, winter, feast, dinner, snow, green, red, holly, lights, list, North Pole, party, reindeer, season, greetings, present, tinsel, turkey, pie, vacation, wrapping, cookies, Rudolph, Noel, white, pageant, fruitcake

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