This card creator lets you create a custom deck of cards for our Sight Words Boom! game. For a demonstration and instructions on using the Boom! Card Creator, see below.

Dolch Sight Words

Fry Sight Words

Top 150 Written Words

Custom Sight Words


The Boom! Card Creator creates a fully customizable set of Sight Words Boom! playing cards. You can use one (or more) sight words lists (Dolch, Fry, Top 150) and/or use your own custom words. To create your Boom! cards:
  1. Under Dolch Sight Words or Fry Sight Words or Top 150 Written Words, check the boxes corresponding to any sight words lists you want included in your Boom! card deck. For example, selecting the Dolch Sight Words 3rd Grade and 2nd Grade lists uses those words for your Boom! cards.
  2. Under Custom Sight Words, enter in any custom words you want added to the Boom! cards. For example, if you are doing a section on insects, you might want to add ant, beetle, and butterfly.
  3. Click Create Boom! Cards, and a PDF will be generated containing your custom cards. You can print the cards by selecting print from your browser window.
Video: Making Sight Words Boom! Cards

The Boom! materials are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This legal mumbo jumbo means you can use the resources however you want, as long as you leave the attribution hallmark (our logo) on the materials. Use these materials in the classroom, at home, as part of a for-profit tutoring business, it’s all good. We created this material for you to use!

6 Responses to “Boom! Card Creator”

  1. Bonnie

    Wonderful idea!

  2. Nadia

    My kids are so engaged with this game. Thanks so much for developing this site. I am planning on using more from here for my centers.

  3. NJ

    Thank you! My students will truly benefit from this resource! 🙂

  4. Dawn Anderson

    I love this site. Is there anyway to change the font for the words in the games?
    Dawn Anderson

    ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any functionality to change fonts. The font used was designed to be good for young readers – particularly those with learning disabilities.

  5. simoun doull

    This is an amazing and fun way to teach. Despite other ways I found in a blog, it is mostly better till now. The new words and phrases are difficult to learn.

  6. Darlene

    Thank you, thank you. Fun easy way to teach my grandson sight words.


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