Our Challenge to You

In our first post, we discussed our mission at SightWords.com and what you can expect from us. In our second post, we want to discuss what we expect from you.

Turn Up. The most important thing you can do is just turn up every day. To teach a child to read, you need to commit to one half-hour a day. That’s it! You will need about ten minutes each day to conduct the day’s lesson. Then you will need about twenty minutes of game time to reinforce the lesson. But they don’t always need to be formal lessons. It can be just as effective to grab a couple of minutes in the car for a game of I Spy with words on various signs. Or, while you wait in line at the grocery store, you can review a few flash cards.

Ask for Help. If you run into trouble, ask for help. When you encounter a roadblock that is making you lose steam, and sapping your child’s enthusiasm, get help. You can ask us for help, via email or in the comments section of any of our pages. And you can ask help from your community, other teachers, parents, or caregivers.

Give Back. Leave the world better than you found it. Help us make the site better by contributing your insight, experiences, and discoveries. Help someone else improve their child’s literacy. Or start your own program to help children in your local community.

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