New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

As we head into 2015, I am excited to share with you some of our release milestones for

In my hometown, Sydney, the New Year’s fireworks are a big deal. Every year it gets more and more spectacular, as we compete with Paris, Dubai, Berlin, and with ourselves to top last year’s display. We had a big 2014, but this year is going to be even bigger.

In the next few months we will release a complete set of Phonemic Awareness and Phonological Awareness modules. These modules will teach children to recognize the individual sounds that make up spoken English. And they will learn to manipulate these sounds, rhyming, segmenting (recognizing sounds in words), and blending (combining sounds to make words).

Phonemic Awareness and Phonological Awareness are stepping stones to literacy. Research shows that if a child masters these skills, learning to read becomes easier and faster.

Late in the year, we will start releasing some Phonics modules, to teach children strategies for decoding unfamiliar words.

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  1. Diane Lamb

    I was at a Georgia Preschool Board meeting on Saturday at the Atlanta Speech School where Betsy and Donna gave us a preview of the “Phonemic Awareness and Phonological Awareness” modules. This is going to be the absolute best thing that has ever been done for students learning to read.
    I am so happy that you are partnering with the GPA for this venture. You have done and are doing many children in the entire world a huge service.
    I look forward to seeing in at Cobb Galleria the end of February at our GPA Conference.
    Diane Lamb – Weekday Director, First Baptist Church Weekday Education and President Elect of the Georgia Preschool Association


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