Why Leave Learning to Chance?

I love this article I found on Huffington Post, titled “Why Leave Learning to Chance?”
“Why don’t we treat reading success the way we treat air safety, as something to ensure no matter what?” — Robert E. Slavin, PhD
The author, Robert E. Slavin, is the Director of the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University. He is an expert on research-based school improvement, reading instruction, English-language learners, and federal education reform policy. Slavin has has also written or co-authored more than 300 articles and 24 books.
To sum up Slavin’s article, we know effective ways to teach children how to read. (Spoiler alert: Phonemic Awareness is an important part of it!) But we have to make the effort to implement these methods in our schools and homes, or else the children never get the help they need. What can you do to ensure that your children or students are getting all the resources they need for learning to read? Are you being intentional about looking for quality lessons and materials to use, or are you leaving your child’s education to chance?

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  1. wilma de catro

    I believe that reading is an important factor for children to survive school life and it is also an important tool for an adult to have a successful everyday life,and as such, it is a must for a teacher in the first and second grade to ensure that all children under his or her steward should have learned the basics of reading before they reach third grade because there is a study that says a child’s brain is more apt to learn the rigors of reading during the pre-school age up until the child is already 8 years of age. Without learning the basics of reading beyond age 8, the child would struggle to learn reading and therefore, would also struggle to learn other content areas of learning.

  2. Cyndi

    Thank you so much for all these resources! I love them. Do you have any resources for teaching a young child the alphabet?

    ADMIN – Hi Cyndi,

    I do have a couple tips for you:

    Teach your child the alphabet song, but using the tune from Brahms’ Lullaby. With this tune, you avoid the problem of LMNOP being all squished together!

    Use our customizable sight words games to teach your child what the letters look like. Instead of selecting a word list for your Bingo card, just type in individual letters!


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