More New Sight Words Games!

We are proud to announce that this summer we have developed even more sight word games to play with your child! Our website now features a total of 18 fully customizable sight words games to give your children the practice they need to build up their vocabulary. As with all our other Sight Words games, all the materials you need (cards and game boards) can be downloaded and printed directly from your computer &mdash for FREE!
last card
Sight Words Last Card
Sight Words Last Card is our take on the popular card game Uno. As in Uno, you play cards by matching color or number. But remember to read the sight word on the card first, and watch out for Wild cards!
lucky 13
Sight Words Lucky 13
In Sight Words Lucky 13, your child collects cards by correctly reading the sight words printed on them. Add or subtract the numbers on the cards until you have exactly 13 points.
Sight Words Hangman
Sight Words Hangman is very similar to the classic Hangman game. Instead of guessing at words letter by letter, your child will look at flashcards and read the sight words printed on them. But for every word she misses, she must add a body piece to the hangman’s noose!
Sight Words Donkey
Sight Words Donkey is simply a new name for our Sight Words Old Maid game. Did you know that Australians call this card game Donkey? Find and collect matching sight word cards, and don’t be the one left with the donkey card!

5 Responses to “More New Sight Words Games!”

  1. mskatie

    These games are great and kids really enjoy them. If possible, I’d like to see more game options that do not require a printer. I can handwrite the flash cards, but games that require special boards, etc. are difficult if one does not have access to a printer. Thank you for all these resources!

  2. Debbie

    I’m so excited to print out new games. I haven’t even gotten through all your games but exciting still the same 🙂

  3. Myra

    Hi my daughter is in kindergarten she is in the dual language program so they give her 200 sight words to learn by the end of the school year so she has to to know 100 english and 100 in Spanish my question is what can i do beside flash cards so she could memorize her sight words.

    ADMIN – Hi Myra,

    Wow, that is a lot of words. I would introduce a few new words every week, using the 5 techniques we have in our teaching section. Then play a lot of the sight words games to get those words mastered.

  4. louisa

    Such a good website for teaching sight words teaching and games.

  5. reha

    wish to thank you for such a wonderful list of fun way to teach sight words


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