1. Overview

“Around the World” practices mental addition of small numbers.

Play Around the World!
“Play Around the World!”
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2. Materials

This game requires no materials. All you need is some free time and the willingness to play.

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3. Activity

Video: Play Around the World!

This game works best with several players. Have all players sit down apart from each other in a room (preferably in a circle, rectangle, or in rows to make it easier to keep track of the order). Have two players sitting next to each other stand up. They are the first competitors.

Call out two numbers for them to add. The first player to say the answer correctly wins.

Adult: Two plus two
Child: Four!

The winner advances to the next player. The player that lost sits back down in his seat. Call another two numbers for the next two players to add. Whoever wins moves on to face his next opponent, while the other sits back down. The first player to go all the way around the room and get back to his original starting point is the winner.

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4. Confidence Builder

To make the game easier, hold a number line in front of you when you call out the numbers. This gives children a visual aid to help them add. You can also give each player a number line and chips for additional help.

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5. Extension

Once the players master the basic game, have them write the numbers on a piece of paper, dry erase board, or chalkboard. This builds motor skills and practices writing numerals quickly and neatly. Whoever finishes writing the correct number first wins.

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