1. Overview

Place pictures of food on a chart according to the number of syllables in each word. This will reinforce the child’s skill at listening for syllables as well as his fine motor skills in placing the pictures on the correct squares.
syllable supper chart
E14: Syllable Supper Chart
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2. Materials & Preparation

Print out the chart and picture cards. Cut the pictures into individual squares and shuffle them to mix up the order. ↑ Top

3. Activity

Video: How to play Syllable Supper Chart
Tell the child to pick up a picture card. Identify the picture for him and have him repeat its name. Then have him pronounce the word in separate syllables, and decide how many syllables are in the word. Once he has identified the number of syllables, he can place the picture in the correct number column.
Adult: Let’s pick a card from the stack. It’s a sandwich. What is it a picture of? Child: A sandwich! Adult: Now break sandwich into parts and tell me how many syllables it has. Child: Sandwich … sand – wich … two? Adult: That’s right. Sandwich has two syllables. So you can put it in the 2 column on the chart! Child: Yay!
Once you have identified all the pictures with him and he gets the hang of the game, you can leave him to fill in the chart on his own. When he’s finished, he can show you his chart, and you can review the words together. Be sure to point out and correct any mistakes he made. ↑ Top

4. Confidence Builder

Reduce the number of cards: To help your child focus, give him just ten picture cards (with varying numbers of syllables) to place on the chart. ↑ Top

5. Variation

Cut pictures out of magazines, catalogs, or newspapers to add some variety to the game. Be sure that the objects in the pictures have names with one to four syllables. ↑ Top

6. Small Groups (2-5 children)

Lesson Objective: Using a chart with four numbered columns and a variety of pictured foods, children will independently name each pictured food, determine the number of syllables, and sort the pictures into columns on the chart corresponding to the number of syllables. GELDS (Georgia Early Learning & Development Standards): CLL6.4e Georgia Standards of Excellence: ELAGSEKRF2.b Common Core State Standards: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.2.B Additional Materials:
  • Copies of the Supper Chart and picture cards for each child to use
  • mural paper and marker for creating a large Syllable Supper Chart to use with the following adaptation.
Adaptation: Read the main activity, watch the video, and follow the instructions above, with the following changes: Cover the table with mural paper and draw four columns, numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 (a large version of the Syllable Supper Chart). Let the children take turns drawing picture cards from the stack. Say the word. Have the child repeat the word and count the syllables. Then the child can place the card in the correct column. Reinforcement: Leave all the picture cards on the chart. Give each child an animal name to say (see Animal Sorting for animal names) and count the syllables (i.e., zebra = 2 syllables). The child then selects a picture from Column 2 and makes a sentence with both words. For example, “The zebra ate a pretzel for supper.” Use this Reinforcement at Home form to tell parents and guardians how they can reinforce lessons outside the classroom. ↑ Top

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  1. Sarah Lim

    I would like to ask if there are more environmentally friendly ways to carry out these activities. Seems to be a lot of printing on paper thus far. Any suggestions?

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah,

    Children really benefit from the tactile sense of the activities being printed, rather than being done on a computer..

    Some of our teachers laminate the materials or put them on cardstock, so they are more durable and can be use over several years.

  2. Sheila m McClain

    I’m trying to find a syllable program where I can work practicing putting longer and harder words into syllables online. Can you help me?


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