Case Wars: Upper vs. Lower Case Letters

Some of our visitors ask us why all our materials are printed in lower-case letters as opposed to upper-case letters. We know that many preschool and kindergarten teachers focus on teaching upper-case letters first. The ability to recognize lower-case letters … Continued at the Southeast Homeschool Expo

On July 29th and 30th, board members of the Georgia Preschool Association met at the Cobb Galleria Centre just outside Atlanta to attend the Southeast Homeschool Expo, a convention for homeschooling families and resource providers from across the Southeastern U.S. … Continued

Georgia Preschool Association Conference

On February 26th, our Phonological/Phonemic Awareness curriculum made its grand debut at the Georgia Preschool Association’s annual conference! Content Consultants (and GPA board members) Betsy Primm and Donna House spoke to a packed room full of preschool directors from all … Continued

Why Leave Learning to Chance?

I love this article I found on Huffington Post, titled “Why Leave Learning to Chance?” “Why don’t we treat reading success the way we treat air safety, as something to ensure no matter what?” — Robert E. Slavin, PhD The … Continued

Workshop at Wildwood Baptist Preschool

So, what did you do over the summer vacation? Go to the lake? Visit family? Relax on the couch? I’ve been busy helping preschool teachers get ready for the new school year! Donna House and I spent two days this … Continued

Workshop at St. Philip AME Church

One of our content consultants, Donna House, has been busy this month teaching preschool educators throughout metro Atlanta about Phonological/Phonemic Awareness. She was in Decatur yesterday at St. Philip A.M.E. Church, conducting a workshop presented by the Georgia Preschool Association. … Continued

Workshop at Griffin FBC Preschool

We recently had the privilege of traveling to First Baptist Church in Griffin, Georgia, to lead a day-long workshop for preschool teachers on teaching Phonological/Phonemic Awareness. Preschool teachers at Griffin First Baptist Church learn how to teach phonemic awareness to … Continued

Sharing the Good News of Phonological/Phonemic Awareness!

It’s that time again…the beginning of a new school year! With virtually all of the Atlanta schools starting up sometime in August, we at have been busy presenting our new Phonological/Phonemic Awareness curriculum at conferences and workshops for preschool … Continued

Phonemic and Phonological Awareness Release Update

We will be releasing the first 20 of our phonemic and phonological awareness modules next week. These 20 modules are part of a full curriculum of approximately 100 lessons that we will release over the coming months. The curriculum The … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! As we head into 2015, I am excited to share with you some of our release milestones for In my hometown, Sydney, the New Year’s fireworks are a big deal. Every year it gets more and … Continued